Explore v.1 { Newport Beach }

Here's a different approach for my blog. Not only only will I be able to share you my artwork, but I would also like to share some of my adventures. Of course I would not be able to this type of thing most of the time. But, any time I go somewhere that is worth sharing and be inspired by. My recent exploration would be the Newport Beach and it is definitely a place worth adventuring. If you are ever in the area, be sure to stop by a a local store and get some bananasicle!
I hope you enjoy.



                            I am happy to announce that Wiggle Pup is Now Available for Purchase
                         Now you have something you can give to your loved ones or even yourself! :)

Making ♫

Unfortunately, I was not able to play instruments when I was a kid.
But, if I did.. xylophone would be one of the musical instruments I would choose to play. 
Other instruments would be the cowbell or an accordion.
 I think it just makes cool sounds.


Happy Birthday!

Made a simple Birthday Card. Who knows, maybe for special someone? 



Tribute to Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong, was the first man to walk on the moon.
He inspired us to believe that nothing is impossible.
That we can dream big and face anything as long as we believe.

Neil Armstrong
August 25, 2012

float on

Here's one of the projects I have been working on called "float on".


puppy love

Who doesn't love doggies?... they are such adorable creatures.
I'm glad they exist in this world, they just know how to make you forget the
bad and simply makes your heart smile.


Explore design

Just did a little design for my upcoming post.
  A different approach I want to do for my blog. I want to transition from my artwork
and also things I like to do in my spare time. I just thought of the word "Explore", this concept
will show you various discoveries such as mini adventures, random inspirations,
or just something that is worth sharing!

{ Freebies }

I hope you enjoy my new background I've worked on recently.
Thought it would be nice to give something something and as thank you for stopping by. :)

Free Background. right-click and save image as or set as desktop wallpaper and its yours!


Miss Mime

I think an artist is like a mime. Not in a literal sense, but we share something in common.
We express creative notions without words.